It’s not true that Bob hired me because we share a common first name. This is not like when Greg Brady got to be Johnny Bravo because the suit just happened to fit, ok? Nope, not at all. The truth is, Bob and I go back a long way. Yes, a long, long time ago in a galaxy not too far from Chico. Back in the day (or days in this case), I worked in Chico as a disc jockey at KFM. Back then I got calls every night from a listener named Bob. He was as relentless, as he was eclectic at making requests. I finally had to say to him, “Bob, let me explain something…we get to play whatever we want here, we’re the DJ’s, we are in control. If you want to play what you want, Bob, go get yourself a radio station and you can play anything, Bob.” So, do you know what happened? You are waaay ahead of me. I left and went out on the radio highway: San Jose, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore and DC, now. And Bob? He got himself a radio station. And then I end up making a request of Bob….for a job. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Bob is actually really easy to work for. He said, “you do the Nine @ Nine every morning. That means you have to be here at nine, because nine is when it starts. Then stick around for a few hours…and just play anything.”

Done! I’ll look for you tomorrow morning…around nine, then?

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