5 Year Old Donates Lemonade Stand Profits To School

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Money Puzzle

This is the second recession younger people have gone through already.  And it’s made them a little smarter with their money than older generations.  99% of people under 40 now say saving money is important.  The top things they’re saving up for are a home, their retirement, to travel, to buy a car, and to pay for school.


special crew is hard at work building a woman’s dream home in Charlotte. Deborah Adams has never owned a home before and she’s getting one thanks to Habitat for Humanity. But her home is being built by a team of all women, which makes it even better.


A five-year-old kid near Cincinnati named Cayden Cummings opened a lemonade stand this summer, and wanted to donate the money to buy school supplies for other kids.  His principal got a call about it, and assumed they’d get a check for 20 or 30 bucks.  But he ended up bringing in over a THOUSAND dollars, and donated all of it.

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