Man Reunited With Cat While At Shelter Looking For A New One

Good News

An Army veteran who lost both legs and part of his arm while serving has been given a fully wheelchair accessible house from the Gary Sinise Foundation. Greg Galeazzi and his family are incredibly grateful for the home in Massachusetts. Now he’s a third year medical student at Harvard and will be able to get around his house with ease.


A nine-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina, boy is working to raise money for a police officer’s children who are both battling cancerJayden Hooker met Officer Frunzi, with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, back in 2016 when he was giving free hugs and doughnuts to cops. Now he’s painting rocks and selling them to bring in money for the officer’s kids’ medical care.


A man in Maine was trying to cope with the loss of his missing cat by looking for another one at a shelter. The Bangor Humane Society shares that the man, Theron, was actually reunited with his cat, Cutie Pie, while searching for a new one. Endings don’t get much happier than this one.

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