August 14, 2020

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The Latest Good News


Sunday’s Good News

A school bus driver in Massachusetts named Clayton Ward has had lots of spare time the last…


Thursday’s Good News

A 114-year-old monk in Ethiopia has now beaten the virus. A woman in Florida is on a…


Tuesday’s Good News

A Starbucks barista in San Diego got screamed at by a woman when he wouldn’t serve her…


Monday’s Good News

A woman in Washington state used her stimulus check to make hundreds of lasagnas for people. …


Sunday’s Good News

A 96-year-old WWII veteran is celebrating his recovery from coronavirus by meeting his newest family member….


Saturday’s Good News

A pastor who helps those down on their luck decided to relive a dream for…


Friday’s Good News

Here’s a nice unexpected side effect of the lockdown.  A Father’s Day survey found that…


Thursday’s Good News

The Mayo Clinic says treatments using plasma from recovered patients appear to be working.  They’re not…


Wednesday’s Good News

A singer who’s done shows at Walt Disney World for 40 years has ridden his bike…


Tuesday’s Good News

New research finds that listening to classical music – particularly Mozart – could reduce the number…


Monday’s Good News

Rent prices around the U.S. are dropping in the wake of coronavirus.  One real estate agent…


Sunday’s Good News

A school librarian in Virginia has been using a drone to deliver books to kids to keep…