Today’s Good News: Man Repairs Bicycles For Those In Need

Good News


A retired man in Maryland has been fixing people’s bikes for free during the pandemic.  He started in April and has fixed over 650 bikes since then.  The only type of payment he’ll accept is baked goods.

Dog Walk

A dog wandered out onto a frozen lake in England on Saturday, and fell through the ice.  So a random jogger jumped in and saved it . . . then continued running.  It turns out he just happens to be an experienced cold-water swimmer.

restaurant food spaghetti


A man in Canada recently started something called The 40 Hot Meal Project, where businesses buy meals from restaurants and donate them to food banks.  So it helps feed people AND keep restaurants open.  He started it a month ago, and it’s already a hit.  Businesses have spent $44,000 and donated over

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