Today’s Good News: Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Three Years

Good News
golden retriever dog


A dog who went missing days before Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017 is back home with her family. Maddie was lost as they were moving from one home to another in Houston and they searched, but never found her. After more than three years, they’ve been reunited with the 16-year-old dog and everyone is delighted. Source: Fox News

Older Woman Hands

A New York City man rescued a frail 87-year-old woman who had wandered away from home in the snow. Pedro Correa’s neighbor told him someone was inside his 30-year-old Honda CRX and he found the elderly woman inside. He grabbed blankets to warm her up and helped reunite her with her family. Source: New York Post



With everything still canceled because of COVID, an anonymous person donated $2 MILLION to cover the salaries of the entire Colorado Symphony Orchestra through summer.

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