Today’s Good News: Woman Does 53 Acts Of Kindness For 53rd Birthday

Good News


Debra Ferrell wanted to do something different to celebrate her birthday this year. She decided to do 53 acts of kindness, one for each year of her life. The Roanoke, Virginia, woman took requests from people on social media for the good deeds. Source: AP News

Older Woman Hands

At the age of 107, Tillie Dybing has lived through two pandemics and she recently beat COVID. The Minnesota woman was diagnosed in the fall and says her only symptom was fatigue. She’s now recovered and back to her “infectious laugh,” according to the Ecumen Detroit Lakes community home where she lives. Source: CNN



A couple in Tallahassee, Florida, has been saving their pocket change for five years and cashed it in for a good cause. Gary and Joan Stout were keeping the coins to split between their grandkids, but decided to give it to those in need. They donated a total of $2,030.74 to The Salvation Army. Source: WCTV

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